mailing list? use a twilio sms list

When you realize a new api (in my case twiliofaces-sms-ra), after initials tests you must invent a complete example:
- to freely your mind
- to demonstrate that your library works also in complex situations.

I love the first one motivation...and the result is there:

The base idea is simple: create a sms list, like traditional mailing list.
.. you SUBSCRIBE a mailinglist ... you choose a nickname.. you send/receive all messages delivered from all subscribers.

So, to try twiliofaces-smsing-list, you need a twilio number which can send and receive sms (we can't in italy, but i used a New York number to realize my idea)

Below the initial list of commands:

SUBSCRIBE (to start, send a sms containing SUBSCRIBE: nickname where nickname is your prefered nickname)
LEAVE (send this text to unsubscribe from the sms list)
CHANGE (to change your nickname, send a sms containing CHANGE:newNickname where newNickname is your new nickname)
PAUSE (send this text to stop the receiving of sms - you are still in the sms list) 
UNPAUSE (send this text to re-start the receiving of sms)
INVITE (send this text to invite someone to subscribe the sms list) 
HOWTO (send this text to receive the list of commands) 
ALL (send this text to know the list of subscribers)
WHOAMI (send this text to know your nickname)
PRIV (send a sms containing PRIV: nickname msg  - to send a private message to nickname) 


After the subscribe message, you will receive a sms which " WELCOME fiorenzino". Now, you can send sms to all sms-list subscribers.
They will receive sms that became with " fiorenzino SAID: " + your message.


Another beatiful idea, should be add the "ROOM" concept, to divide the sms subscribers in groups for single arguments...

Stay tuning

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