twilio sms resource adapter is ready to use

One month ago, we started a new adventure on the twiliofaces project:
we wanted enable the reception of sms messages from twilio using java message system (specifically using java ejb3 message driven beans)!

We started to create a jms resource adapter, which can receive sms message from twilio system:


To accomplish that challenge, we used these tecnologies:

- jboss netty to create a http tunnel between http web page where twilio send notifications for incoming sms;
- a custom resource adapter witch transform the http parameters in jms MapMessage;
- some mockejb ( http://mockejb.sourceforge.net/) classes to create jms MapMessages

Stay tuned to receive more informations about the project and how to use that.

You can see a little project which use the twilio-sms-ra:

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Github code

Fork the twiliofaces repository on GitHub
and clone it to your local PC.

Get Started

Copy the Twiliofaces JAR file into your /WEB-INF/lib directory, or include all required Maven dependencies in your pom.xml!